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We have worked with over 50 different teams, coached 40+ individuals and been engaged in 12 long term organisational development assignments.

Our client-list includes:

healthcare: GSK, Roche, Novartis, West Pharmaceutical Services, and NHS GP practices
bioscience: Sigma Aldrich, BioReliance
higher education: Open University, Brunel, Southampton Solent and Sheffield Hallam
publishing: Kable Ltd., UBM
intergovernmental organisations: significant experience within a major European institution
other sectors: Paradigm Services, Thrings, Homes for Islington, Northern Trust

David Bamber

has over 25 years experience of facilitating positive change in organisations.  He also trains and coaches leaders and change agents in the skills to succeed with their change. He specialises in the complex human elements required to build commitment for change. David’s background in Gestalt and Systemic approaches helps to illuminate, and create a safe space to address, what is really happening.

Ann D.

is active in the design stages, to clarify shape and substance.  Often, it’s she who develops any documentation required, particularly for group workshops and similar events.  She contributes drawings; collections of objects; and ideas adapted from dance and theatre learning practice, where trust, teamwork and commitment are key values.

Mike Duckett

has a degree in psychology and is a member of the British Psychological Society.  He holds a diploma in Hypnotherapy & Cognitive Therapy and is a certified NLP Coach.  Mike has over 23 years sales and marketing experience at senior management level which means that he is able to quickly empathise with career pressures and aspirations while having the expertise to stimulate individuals to break through their own ‘glass ceilings’.

Please contact us for an initial discussion about how your team/organisation/business can transform itself with ‘Alchemy at Work’.