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Sooner or later in the workplace,
the time will come when change is necessary.

People are people, and situations arise…

A newly-appointed leader finds that the team is stuck: plenty of points of view, but zero coherent action…

Two individuals can no longer bear to even speak to each other; yet they must work together…

An entire department is stuck in a repeating pattern of muddle and oversights…

Everyone feels convinced ‘the writing is on the wall’ in a business facing new competition…

sounding familiar…?

Alchemy at Work is above all a relational process:
how people communicate, co-operate and collaborate is crucial.

The process created a catalyst for change, bringing into sharp focus things people intrinsically know, but haven’t thought or voiced.  The outcome was a clear sense of our vision of what we wanted to do with the company.  It changed the culture of the board and improved quality of communication.  It has also made board meetings more productive.

MH, Managing Director

“David also provided the change and implementation support to our most important cycle time reduction projects.  The results were essential for the future of the business.  Over four years, the cycle time – from raw material receipt to product delivery – reduced from over 140 days to 28 days.  Cost savings exceeded 7 million pounds.”

PK, Product Stream Director

“David, from ‘Alchemy at Work’, has been coaching me for some months now and has been instrumental in helping to improve my confidence and leadership skills. He challenges me to think differently.  He has the amazing ability to provide feedback and development ideas in the most constructive way.”

LM, Manager