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Project Description

The head of European Operations of a biopharmaceutical testing company is seeking to improve management development and retention.  The managers have recently completed a training course and now need to delegate more, influence peers and ‘step up a level’.

Through two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical/bioscience sectors, David recognises that many scientists and specialists struggle with the transition to become good leaders and managers.

David listens to how each manager understands his/her own development process; and, how the Director sees the managers’ development.  With this grounding, he begins a programme of coaching, meeting each individual manager in a confidential face to face session.  Each session focuses on current workplace issues; followed up in subsequent sessions.  David also provides ‘pair work’ to improve important relationships between certain managers.

The programme builds managers’ self-awareness, confidence and range of competence.

David visits the company site every four to five weeks to provide continuity and cost effectiveness.  To conclude each visit, David meets the Head of Operations to discuss emerging organisational themes, while always maintaining the confidentiality of each individual coaching conversation.



“David, from ‘Alchemy at Work’, has been coaching me for some months now and has been instrumental in helping to improve my confidence and leadership skills. He challenges me to think differently. He has the amazing ability to provide feedback and development ideas in the most constructive way.”

L.M. Manager