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Project Description

Two global organisations have been collaborating to achieve a greater market presence.  They want to develop their alliance to the right level for the next three years, while honouring their different company cultures.

‘Alchemy at Work’ and ‘Coaching for Success’ – who also have an established alliance – are selected to design and facilitate the programme.

Firstly, we work with the leaders from each organisation to agree on what they want: a vibrant Alliance Charter.  We design and facilitate a core group inquiry into what is already working.  We explore different dimensions of collaboration and use metaphors to stimulate new thinking.  The process encourages deeper conversations and increases trust.

The core team like this approach and ask us to use a similar process with a wider group of forty people.  For this second stage, we create a ‘cafe’-style event: people mingle in small groups to share and explore different aspects of how they work together.

We design the third stage to crystallise the key themes and discoveries into an Alliance Charter.  Participants work together on themes that really matter to them.  The process deepens the conversations and trust: relationships and ways of working are strengthened, and a charter engagement plan is agreed.

The process through all the stages is as valuable as the outcome itself, as participants pay attention to how they work together in the present moment.  Through engaged conversations, new opportunities and possibilities for the alliance emerge.